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Monday, July 19, 2010

New stuff coming!!

Hey everyone! What it do?!?!?

Well we got back from Wake the Desert last night around 12:30 needless to say it was a longggg but epic weekend! A few guys from the team went and had a great showing. Clay rode on Saturday in the intermediate division had a solid run but was unable to make it into finals. Connor rode next in the advanced division where he put up a great qualifying run and landed him a spot in the finals on Sunday but due to two unfortunate falls he didn't podium. Ross went out Saturday and rode like a champ securing himself a seat in the finals on Sunday. Where he rode awesome and put up a great run sticking two 5's and 3 tantrum variations landing him in first in the division. John went out on Saturday in the outlaw division and had a good run at it but was unable to make finals.

Overall it was a great weekend!

On another note I should have at least 2 NEW VIDEOS up with week! so get Pumped!


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