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Tech Wake Vimeo!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Flux: A Tech Wake Film!!!


Words by: Connor Brown

"Flux" from Connor Brown on Vimeo.

This is a film about the Texas Tech Collegiate Wake Team. I was hoping to illuminate the world of collegiate wakeboarding in hopes of boosting spotlight and support for the student shredder. We all have an undying passion for the competitive/freeride lifestyle and brotherhood formed by spending hours together on a boat. We filmed this footage over the past year, and I compiled/edited it throughout these past few weeks. I apologize for the sudden ending, but time complications due to the workload from my graduating semester/moving only allowed for a certain amount of editing. For this reason, I have listed all credits below:

Camera Work: Connor Brown, Landan Luna, Rob Muff, Clay Gregory, Nick Garcia.

Directing: Connor Brown

Editing: Connor Brown

Riding: Aaron Tunnel, John Marshall, Rob Muff, Ross Pearce, Jeff Livermore, Clay Kimbell, Clay Gregory, Sean Aaron, Ben Irvin, Addison Reese, Connor Brown.

Special Thanks/This wouldn't be possible without: Lance Donaldson, Riptank Boardshop, David Muff, Troy Mesa, Texas Tech Wakeboarding, Ryan Allison, Jordan Garcia, Joshua Thomas.

Music (in order):

Texas in July
"I am Yours"
I Am

"Everything is Everything"

Working for a Nuclear Free City
"Je Suis le Vent" (at 88% speed)
Businessmen & Ghosts

Arctic Monkeys
Favourite Worst Nightmare

"Seventeen Years"

"Golden Scans"
Myths of the Near Future

Black Kids
"Look at Me"
Partie Traumatic