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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Nationals Picture

hey guys, rob here. i just wanted to go over the picture that clay drew for us. here it is, and ill share my interpretations from left to right.
First off we have got Ross, he's holding a sword. i don't really know why he is, maybe cause he's just crazy and if we saw him with one it'd be like, "Oh, hey Ross." so thats pretty cool. next is lando, you can tell cause he is rarely seen without a backwards baseball hat, i think his fav team is NY. hes got a prego test in his hand, cause thats how he rolls, or how somebody else rolls. either way, theres some rolling. next to him is sean aka BearCat. hes jacked and apparently yelling. and then theres connor, tall lank-mister, wearing only but a towel. he doesnt know how to pack for trips so he ran out of clothes often. next to him, wearing the camel back is the Rancho-Resident Jimmy. hes got a list in his hand which he made, it has goals on it that we were to accomplish on the trip. we got most of em i think. then theres me with my lady under my tan and jacked arm. i have a mohawk, which was cut by ross, but not with his sword hes holding. next up is Clay Tie-dye XDizzleX. atop his head lies a Jew-Fro, which he rocked constantly, as well as a tiedye shirt. a goofy fellow nontheless but we all love him. under his arm is sarah, and she rolls pretty hard and likes backstreet boys. then theres clay, the artist, himself. hes holding a tooth brush, for an unknown reason, but has a poncho on because he always has it on. next to him is a small puerto rican wakeskater named John the Wakeskater. in the middle of december he will be tanner than you, no matter where you live. unbelievable phenomena. then theres the OG of the tech wake group John Marshall, he came drank his big ol cans of redbull and had a good time in the VIPs at the clubs.
well that was way too long and sorry if you actually read it! later!

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